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I like restoring 80s and 90's computers and equipment and preserving information. Sometimes I do coding projects. Currently working through several boxes of 90's PC hardware to test them and sell. I'll probably put up all those parts in the store section when it's finished. I'm planning on putting more content on my Youtube Channel.

The website I update more regularly is my web 1.0 project built for early web browsers,
The Rakko Project. you'll find downloads for drivers, programs, documentation and tutorials for old computers, in a site fully accessible by them. a side effect of this website's hosting means the downloads are currently pretty slow, for that authentic feeling. I'll also put some blog articles on there too if I can string together coherent enough thoughts.


(5/18/24) - New domain, released from the shackles of Github!

(12/28/23) - All my 250-300w power supplies keep blowing up, now I have to do total recaps of some high quality Sunpower 250w PSUs I pulled from 1999 firewalls a while ago.

(12/10/23) - Aseprite Build Script now has a MacOS version that can target both Intel and Apple Silicon platforms.


My latest video is on the PowerBook 100 for MARCHintosh, watch it here.

I'm in the middle of production on my next two videos on restoring a PowerBook 160 and 180 featuring a BlueSCSI V2.

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  • 80's to early 2000's computer hardware
  • Pok√©mon
  • Video editing
  • pre-web 2.0 design
  • MIDI FM synthesis & wavetable
  • Nazi punching
  • Thinkpads

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